Institute for Advanced Agriclutural Research

Research platform for smart agriculture and new urban agriculture

Research platform for smart agriculture and new urban agriculture

Outline of the Institute for Advanced Agricultural Research?

Setsunan University’s Institute for Advanced Agricultural Research is an interdisciplinary research organization belonging to the Faculty of Agriculture, established in 2020. Agriculture in the 21st century faces several global issues, including the increasing population, climate change, and an aging society. The institute promotes interdisciplinary collaboration with other research areas, such as information technology and medical sciences, to meet these challenges. We also aim to improve the sustainability of agriculture and food systems. The purpose of the institute is to establish a center for "a new style of agricultural science" that focuses on smart agriculture and new urban agriculture. Moreover, the institute promotes R&D based on collaboration between government, industry, and academia, while the institute makes its most efforts to provide the latest research achievements.

Dr. Takashi Shiina
Institute for Advanced Agricultural Research
Faculty of Agriculture

Building overview

Setsudai Agricultural Seminar

The Faculty of Agriculture, established as the eighth faculty of Setsunan University, conducts cutting-edge research and high-quality education on a series of processes related to food and agriculture, aiming at a new style of agricultural science. The Institute for Advanced Agricultural Research offers monthly open seminar series, Setsudai Agricultural Seminar. This seminar series provides a venue for academic exchange and provide an opportunity to communicate with researchers in different academic areas. The seminar is free, open to the public, and will be conducted both online and face to face. We hope you all come and join us!

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Research Seeds Database

The Research Seeds database overviews the research themes, topics, and keywords of faculty members. The Faculty of Agriculture conducts cutting-edge research on various agricultural and food sciences, including food production, life science and biotechnology, nutrition and health, and socio-economic aspects. Moreover, sustainable agriculture and food systems would be crucial in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The research seeds database covers useful information to accelerate collaboration with government, industry, and academia.

The faculty of Agriculture will cooperate strategically with industries, local governments, and academia to develop innovative studies and human resources, to meet the needs of society in the 21st century.

Research Seeds [Classified by SDGs]

Research Seeds (in Japanese)

Research Projects of the Faculty of Agriculture

Faculty Members

Sixty-three faculty members are engaged in research and education at the four departments of the Faculty of Agriculture. Each of these members belongs to one of the following departments. Additional information on the researchers is available at the following links.

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